Biblical Financial Principles

A survey of Scriptural teaching about money and wealth

Overview: This series of Microsoft Power Point presentations is a survey of Scriptural teaching on finances and wealth. It is in a format suitable for teaching as a Sunday School class, a week-end seminar, or a college or seminary course. The page entitled "Course Format" details the various course options and provides download links.

The premise of this series is that, as we honestly seek God’s will by searching the Scriptures concerning any area of life, including our finances, we are given the spiritual wisdom to align our hearts and minds with His, enabling us to make righteous choices in the financial area of our lives.  

Scope: Though not an exhaustive study of the more than 2000 Bible passages which deal with the subject, this course provides the student with a broad Biblical perspective concerning the acquisition, accumulation, and disbursement of money. It is the author’s hope that as a result of taking this course, the student will be able to practice Biblically-faithful financial stewardship in one’s daily life, within the family, in business, in the church, and in society.

Cost: This course is offered tuition-free to all. Those who teach any part of this course or otherwise use the materials on this site are prohibited from charging for course content. Downloaded files may not be altered without the author's express permission.

Disclaimer: The author hereby disclaims any and all responsibility for the results or effects of any application of part or all of the principles and concepts contained in this seminar. He makes no representation of its conformity to any denominational or theological positions on the subjects it addresses. This seminar is solely a good-faith expression of the author’s interpretation of Scripture and other outside resources used in its development.  Those who teach or apply its concepts do so at their own risk.

Presented in downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word files suitable for teaching in a variety of venues