Biblical Financial Principles

A survey of Scriptural teaching about money and wealth

Overview: This website is a survey of Scriptural teaching on money and wealth organized as a set of 10 basic principles in a format suitable for presentation to others.

Need for this course: There are many excellent Christian financial counseling and teaching resources available to anyone who wants to know what the Bible says about a variety of financial topics. But there may not be many of them that are already in a presentation format. The author felt there may be a need to provide an easy-to-use, ready-to-deliver downloadable slide presentation of a comprehensive Biblical curriculum on money and wealth. It is suitable for presenting to several different audiences as described on the "Course Format" page.

Premise: The premise of this course is that, as we honestly seek God’s will concerning our finances by searching the Scriptures, He give us the spiritual wisdom to align our hearts and minds with His. We may then develop a proper Biblical framework for making righteous choices in the financial area of our lives.

Scope: Though not an exhaustive study of the more than 2000 Bible passages which deal with the subject, this course provides the student with a broad Biblical perspective concerning the acquisition, accumulation, management, and disbursement of money.

Feedback welcomed: The author invites feedback and suggestions regarding any portion of this course, especially with respect to its conformity to Biblical truth but also regarding its content or presentation style. Please use the form on the “Contact us” page.

Tuition-free: This course is to be presented to others, in total or in part, consistent with a non-profit model. Downloaded pdf files may not be altered without the author's express permission. Please contact the author to request changes to any of the presentation modules in order to adjust to the presenter's preferences or adapt to local audiences.

Disclaimer: This seminar is solely a good-faith expression of the author’s interpretation of Scripture and other outside resources used in its development. It makes no representation of its conformity to any denominational or theological position, or of any secular or religious philosophy, regarding the subjects it addresses.

Presented in downloadable pdf slide presentations and accompanying outlines suitable for teaching the subject in a variety of venues